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Stephen Lim, CPA, CA
Henry Yan, CPA, CA

The Ascent Team
Suite 105- 3380 Maquinna Drive
Vancouver, BC
V5S 4C6, Canada
Tel. 604.291-0366
Fax. 604.291.0367

Smart Accounting Solutions for people that work in the real world

The Ascent Team is a multi-disciplinary professional organization that provides value-added financial, management and technology based services.

Our objective is simple; to work with you to identify issues and take advantage of opportunities in both your personal and business life. It is only by identifying these issues and opportunities that we can jointly implement solutions to increase your bottom-line and accomplish our mission:

"To provide integrated professional services
which add value to our clients and improve their quality of life"

Generally speaking, most accountants are "reactive" since their training emphasizes the processing and analysis of past transactions. The consulting arm of the Ascent Team was specifically created to overcome this problem. Within this arm, we have created a number of programs, processes and seminars designed to be "proactive" by helping our clients create strategies to become more profitable.

The Ascent Partnership LLP, Chartered Accountants
The Ascent Partnership LLP, Chartered Accountants is a partnership of two individuals, Stephen Lim and Henry Yan. Both partners were trained by "Big-Six" international accounting firms and both were also former corporate controllers of large corporations.

This unique training combination enables the partners to provide clients with not only a technical approach in resolving problems, but also the practical experience to assist them in running their businesses.

The partners previously operated two separate public practice accounting firms in the downtown Vancouver area. On July 1, 1997, the partners merged their respective practices On that merger date, the partners decided to change the way they looked at their practice.

A fallacy held by many public practice accountants is the idea that accounting services contribute greatly to society. There is no doubt that numbers are important to keeping order in life. The reality, however, is that most accountants have become nothing more than scorekeepers. Simply put, "things" had to be done differently.

In an economic environment where 90% of new businesses shut their doors within 5 years, the partners knew there was much more they could to help their clients and themselves.

For a consultation without obligation to see how we can work with you in a very different way to have a real effect on your business, call us at 604-291-0366.

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