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Are layoffs the only alternative?

When your bottom line is not as healthy as it should be, laying offs may eventually become your only option. However, before you cut people, consider implementing these cost-cutting measures for a healthier bottom line and greater peace of mind.

Revisit your budget.
Most budgets have some fat in them. Take a good look at your existing budget: are there some areas of excess that you may not have previously noticed? Evaluate viable alternatives for expenses that could result in cost savings. For example, check your printing costs. Are you photocopying something that should actually be printed? If you make many copies of a document, you are not only racking up charges in paper and labor, you are also adding to the wear and tear on the machine. Consider having local printers bid on a few of these jobs. You should be able to save money.

Get new bids on jobs.
As easy as it is to stay with the same vendors year after year, this practice can be costly. One of the best suggestions to lower your overall costs is to collect invoices of everything purchased in the last year and separate the 20 percent that represent 80 percent of all purchases. Send those out for new bids and you may find you can cut your costs significantly.

Talk to your employees
. Consider having them take responsibility for the costs associated with their positions. Ask them for suggestions on ways to cut costs. Most of them will be able to give you at least a few suggestions or point out some areas of waste. Once you have evaluated their suggestions, put the good ideas to work.

With a little work and a lot of persistence, you may be able to avoid the unpleasant task of dismissing employees in a business downturn by simply tightening your budget. Please feel free to contact the office for additional suggestions and information.

The information presented in this document is of a general nature only and should not be relied upon to replace professional advice. Before acting on this information, talk with a professional advisor as laws and regulations are constantly changing. Readers accept full responsibility; no document found here is a substitute for a consultation.

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